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Shannon Reacts To Alana Thompson’s Teen Vogue Shoot: “I’m So Proud”

Alana Thompson's

Mom June Shannon’s more seasoned sister Joanne “Doe” Shannon is only “glad” of her niece Alana “Nectar Boo” Thompson, who was as of late highlighted in Teen Vogue.

The 15-year-old reality star was the subject of a Teen Vogue include distributed Wednesday where she opened up about her own life and her choice to relinquish her picture as that “tumultuous young lady” that everybody came to know as Honey Boo due to her past unscripted TV dramas.

In her main story, named “Her Name Is Not Honey Boo,” Thompson clarified that she’s accepting her adolescent years with her genuine character. “My mother didn’t name me Honey Boo. My name is Alana,” she said, prior to vowing “to be all that I can be” and to “attempt my hardest” to accomplish her fantasies throughout everyday life.

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After Thompson’s story and photoshoot went live on the distribution’s site, Doe, 56, immediately responded to her niece’s tell-all. She shared a screen capture of the youthful unscripted television star snickering on the arrangement of the photoshoot she accomplished for Teen Vogue on Instagram and composed an inspiring directive for Thompson. “So glad for this astounding youngster I will call my niece.

She’s savvy, cheeky, cherishing and elegant,” Mama June’s sister wrote in the inscription prior to adding that Alana is “lovely all around.” Doe, who likewise shows up on “Mother June: From Not to Hot” occasionally, additionally empowered her adherents on the photograph sharing stage to look at Thompson’s main story.

Various fans gave positive remarks about Thompson’s meeting on Doe’s post.

Some left salutary messages and lauded the youthful We TV star for doing great notwithstanding the difficulties she looked in the previous years because of Mama June’s capture and illicit drug use issues.

“I just read the story and saw all the photographs. Alana worked effectively and looks so beautiful,” one composed.

“She merits this subsequent to having a several years! Useful for her,” another additional. “She took in a great deal from you! Sweet, mindful, and giving. [You] have been there for those young ladies… ,” a third client remarked, alluding to the occasions when Doe moved forward for Alana and her sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 21, when Mama June was away.

Honey Boo Boo Goes Glam for Teen Vogue

In the interim, Alana additionally tended to body shamers in the meeting she did with Teen Vogue.

As per the previous “Babies and Tiaras” star, she’ll never see how a few group would discover the need to remark on others’ weight and figure. “Since I got a smidgen of additional meat on my bones, you need to abhor me? I’ll never get body disgracing,” she said.

“Everyone’s about body energy, body inspiration, until they see a body they don’t care for… i’m not sure why [they] think thusly.”


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