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Tearful Messi Has Confirmed That He Is Leaving Barcelona.

Tearful Messi Has Confirmed That He Is Leaving Barcelona.

Lionel Messi wept on Sunday as he bade farewell to his boyhood club FC Barcelona and showed he was speaking with French club Paris St Germain over a likely transfer.

The 34-12 months-antique Argentine’s emotional news conference followed Barca’s assertion last week that it could no longer afford him after a glittering two decades.

The French newspaper L’Equipe pronounced on Sunday that he would travel to Paris either Sunday or Monday to undertake a scientific and finalize a deal with the Qatar sports activities investment-owned club.

Tearful Messi confirms he is leaving Barcelona, in talks with PSG | CTV News

While Messi did no longer confirm he might simply be a part of the Parisians, he said his plans have been to hold on to gambling as long as possible, including that he still harbors ambitions to win another Champions League trophy.

“As long as I am competitive and as long as my body responds, I will carry on playing,” he told a news conference.

“So long as I can, I can keep on competing.”

PSG declined to comment on the record that Messi would be arriving in Paris afterward Sunday. “We aren’t in a role to confirm anything,” a club spokesman said.


“I attempted to behave with humility and admiration and I hope that is what remains of me when I leave the club,” said an emotional Messi as loads of fans, many carrying his No. 10 jerseys, massed outside Barca’s Camp Nou stadium to bid farewell to the player they called Messiah.

Messi broke down as he walked onto the stage earlier than engaging in his news conference and turned into tissue by way of his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, as he fought to return the tears.

“This is the hardest part of my career. When the club told me, I just iced up. This is all like a bucket of bloodless water has been poured over me and we are still coming to terms with it, “he sobbed.

Tearful Messi confirms he is leaving Barcelona, in talks with PSG

“Whilst I get home, I am certain it’ll be even worse. But I will be surrounded by my cherished ones and I’ll carry on playing football, and when I do so, I’m sure it’s going to emerge as a chunk easier. “

Financial issues

It has been widely said by the neighborhood media that Messi was set to stay at Camp Nou, with the player admitting he had agreed to a five-yr deal related to a 50% pay-cut.

Barca, whose debts are overall way over 1 billion euros ($1.18 billion), has been unable to make the deal work in the framework of la Liga’s financial honest play regulations-prompting their wonder U-flip announcement last Thursday.

“In reality, whilst the elections took place (in March), I spoke with (Barca president Joan) Laporta. We had dinner and after that, I was convinced I might be staying,” Messi said.

“My settlement was in no way the problem… What I recognize is that I did the whole thing I could. The membership said they could not show up because of the Los Angeles Liga. I’m able to assure you that I did the whole lot I could to stay. In the last 12 months, I failed to want to and I said that, but this year it turned into a one-of-a-kind. “

Tearful Messi confirms he is leaving Barcelona, in talks with PSG - CNA

Spain’s l. a. Liga announced on Wednesday that it had secured a private equity injection of two.7 billion euros from the company CVC https://www.reuters.com/life-style/sports/spains-l. a.-Liga-has the same opinion-sell-10-stake-CVC-nyt-2021-08-04, with the budget to be shared between the golf equipment and go back for 10% of the league’s revenue.

It was believed this would allow Barcelona to get the Messi deal over the line, but after Madrid rejected the proposal and stated they could take a criminal motion against l. a. Liga https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSL1N2PC22F?edition-redirect=ca, Barca also came out in opposition to it.

Barca’s finances had been in worse shape than he had thought after carrying out an audit https://www.reuters.com/article/football-spain-fcb-finances/barca-pres-laporta-says-clubs-finances-in-worse-form-than-notion-idUKE8N2N8002.

He brought the league informed him that accepting this injection changed the simplest manner in which they could approve a new agreement for Messi. They rejected that, announcing that he needed to place the long-time period hobbies of the club above any participant.

Record Breaker

Barca’s all-time goalscorer with 682 in 21 years, broke down in tears before giving a speech and was greeted by a lengthy standing ovation from the media, current and former crew pals, and coaches in attendance.

It was significant that he was not observed by Laporta or any of the other Barcelona directors all through the act.

All 35 trophies he gained throughout his time at the membership have been laid out for what the membership defined as a private image session after the information convention.

Tearful Messi confirms he is leaving Barcelona, in talks with PSG | Reuters

ICONIC shirt

Barcelona faces Juventus in a pre-season friendly on Sunday, with nobody given Messi’s No.10 shirt for the sport.

The club has no longer shown if they plan on leaving it vacant for the upcoming season or assigning it to a squad member.

If Barca decides to retire the number in his honor, they will lower the squad size.

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