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The Osborne Brothers Embark On A Lengthy Musical And Personal Journey.

Osborne brothers

Deale, Maryland is a blue-collar fishing town on the Chesapeake Bay – a heaven which is home to one of the hottest duos in country music, Brothers Osborne. “There are more boats here as a small town as people like to say,” said TJ Osborne. He was used to catch crabs off a pier, along with his elder brother, John.”We would be in the water running around, swimming, playing, five to seven days a week,” John added.

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John laughed, “It looks way, way better.” “All around there are no beer cans.”

When their father “Big John” Osborne, a songwriter and songwriter for a part-time band known as “Deuce and A Quarter,” joined the two brothers, John on guitar and TJ on bass. The Happy Harbor Bar at Deale has played some of their earliest shows. This is when Big John saw in his boys something: “I have somehow noticed, ‘They are good guys.’ And I wasn’t trying to be Dad – they are my children!

Both brothers travelled to Nashville – John’s first guitar name. Then TJ began as a solo act. Sometimes he would book his brother to play behind him: “Two of you together are something special,” people kept mentioning it. This basically meant, ‘It’s not as interesting to sing alone!'” TJ laughed. TJ laughed.

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Country music duo Brothers Osborne on facing a mental health crisis - CBS  News

“Another interesting things are not one hour and a half of guitar solos – surprisingly!” adds John.

They reached a recording deal in 2012 as Brothers Osborne. “We pulled into the road and I just began to weep,” John recalled. Finally, everything that we’ve done over the years and all the setbacks and strange jobs and all the strange gigs I’ve played ends up paying off.”His debut album, “Pawn Shop,” has been up to #3 on a country chart behind hits such as “It Ain’t My Fault.”


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