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Trading Aaron Rodgers To AFC West Team Is ‘wonderful,’: Patrick Mahomes.

Mustangs have been reputed to be keen on exchanging for Rodgers

Trading Aaron Rodgers To AFC West Team Is 'wonderful,': Patrick Mahomes.

The Denver Broncos have been supposed to be an exchange objective for Aaron Rodgers should the Green Bay Packers be up to exchange him eventually during the offseason. 

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes said Monday he would invite Rodgers to the division he’s controlled throughout the previous three years. 

Patrick Mahomes: Aaron Rodgers joining AFC West would be 'awesome'

“Clearly, it’d be amazing,” he said, by means of Bleacher Report. “To have that challenge… two times each year, each and every year. It would be an extraordinary, incredible open door. That is to say, he’s a hell of a football player. He’s been doing it for a while, and I’ve watched and learned a lot from him. Be that as it may, unquestionably on the off chance that he went to the AFC West, it would make it somewhat harder for us, yet we’re capable. ” 

Mahomes offered the remarks at the 15th and Mahomies Aloha Classic golf competition. 

Rodgers has not freely requested an exchange. However, he took issue in a meeting with ESPN a month ago with the way of life in the association. 

Patrick Mahomes embraces Aaron Rodgers potentially landing in AFC West:  'We're up for the challenge' - CBSSports.com

“It’s the only sort of about a way of thinking. What’s more, perhaps failing to remember that it is about individuals that make things go. It’s about character. It’s about culture. It’s tied in with doing things the correct way. A large portion of this was placed moving a year ago. The wrench was somewhat tossed into it when I won MVP and played the manner in which I played a year ago. “This is sort of the pouring out of all of that,” he explained.

The Packers have been unyielding about keeping Rodgers. As indicated by The Athletic on Monday, the remaining parts of the case as head supervisor Brian Gutekunst is as yet “holding firm.”

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