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Turkey Relaxes COVID-19 Restrictions While Maintaining A High Number Of Curfews

The Interior Ministry of Turkey lifted a complete lockdown and ordered citizens to stay at home in order to fight infections of the COVID-19, and opted for a less strict approach, which also included weekend and weekend curfews.

Turkey Relaxes COVID-19 Restrictions While Maintaining A High Number Of Curfews

The Ministry of the Interior of Turkey lifted a full lock that ordered people to remain in the house on Sunday to fight COVID-19 infections and turned to a less strict strategy that also included weekends and weekend curfews.

In a new order, the Ministry referred to the steps to be in force from Monday to June 1 as “progressive standardization.”

Shopping centers are being reopened. Some businesses, such as gymnasiums and cafés, will stay closed, but restaurants may still have shipments. Preschools resume teaching in person, but upper grades continue to learn remotely.

Turkey eases COVID-19 restrictions but keeps many curfews

Turks go back to work, just on weekdays and on the whole Saturday and Sunday from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., with the exception of going to a market to purchase food. Officials continue to operate remotely or in-office shifts. International travelers and employees with special permits are exempted.

Unvaccinated senior citizens older than 65 will only be allowed to leave their homes on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Intercity travel during curfews is subject to approval.

Despite the curfew, hundreds of soccer fans came to celebrate Besiktas’ Super League win in Istanbul late Saturday. New diseases and people infected with COVID

Turkey eases COVID-19 restrictions but keeps many curfews

Following the relief of the majority of restrictions in Turkey in March, 19 people were killed. At the end of April, the government imposed a complete lockdown. It was the government’s most stringent measure since the outbreak started, with new cases over 60,000 a day.

According to statistics from the health ministry on Saturdays, 11,472 new cases were reported, with a total of 44,537 confirmed deaths. Both numbers, as in many other nations, are underestimated by inadequate analysis and missed events, experts say. Experts say.

The President of Turkey announced that the COVID-19 regulations are aimed at limiting new cases to fewer than five thousand a day, preventing the second consecutive summer of Turkey’s vital tourism industry from being devastated.

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