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Tyson Fury is booed in Texas, Eddie Hearn hints at Anthony Joshua’s announcement “next week.”

Fury saw Billy Joe Saunders beaten by Canelo Alvarez while pausing from his Las Vegas training camp.

Tyson Fury went to Texas for the largest indoor boxing festival in US history, as a friend of his, Billy Joe Saunders, took Canelo Álvarez.

The “trash talk” in building the super-middleweight-unification effort was endless, as most of the struggles with Sunders are, and Fury came from Las Vegas before the fight to talk about the chances of his mate.

Tyson Fury booed in Texas as Eddie Hearn mean Anthony Joshua statement ''  following week' - Techno Trenz

The self-titled “Gypsy King” previously tried to curry favour in the US, walking to the ring in the stars and stripes of the American flag as he stood against Tom Schwarz, and fitting in the fictitious character of the Rocky films Apollo Creed and of the country in which he was fighting.

However, he was strongly in favour of the British warrior on this occasion and when he appeared on a large screen at AT & T stadium after the fourth round, he was rounded off by a partisan crowd — even though he was mobbed by fans when he arrived in the arena.

However, they were glad to hear that promoter Eddie Hearn brought some positive news, or promised at least that there would soon be some positive news, about the strong showdown between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

“Next week, we’ve got a lot of news coming to you,” Hearn said after saying Alvarez and Joshua were the two biggest boxing stars in the world.

Tyson Fury booed in Texas as Eddie Hearn mean Anthony Joshua statement ''  following week' - Techno Trenz

When pushed on the issue afterwards, he said, “You can get the news through our Manchester show [15 May].”

“We spoke to the governing bodies, and we gave them all the details, dates, venues – and the news is [next week] that you are going to receive the date, venues and confirmations.

“The fight was on for about three weeks!”

The first Joshua versus Fury fight will be held in Saudi Arabia, where a staging fee of £100 million is required to be paid by sports authorities, with all dates set at the end of July and early August. Saturday, 14 August, is the latest front runner in the Djedda race.

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