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What’s New on Hulu in May (and What’s Gone)

Hulu whats new

If it is May, then more reasons exist to get away from Netflix. Hulu subscribers will be getting a massive amount of new content with the Shrill and a new Marvel series coming.

How to Watch The Bad Girls Club Online

Reality show fans take heart! This month Hulu is bringing on several new seasons of both Are You The Bachelor and Bad Girls Club, and even more Are You The One? and Shahs of Sunset? In the mood for stoner movies? Additionally, they’ve also announced two Harold and Kumar movies will be added to the May programme. Bold Type fans need to be ready: The Season 5 premiere of the show is on-line.

You should join the PBS Plus, which is Netflix for cord cutters. There is a short list of titles that have new show premieres on Hulu so you don’t miss anything exciting. Additionally, we will inform you of titles that are about to be released. It’s about time for some fun, curl up and enjoy the binge.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel star in this romcom set to an unforgettable soundtrack. The film follows the ups and downs of a not-quite couple in Los Angeles and how their perspectives on love and their own relationship change over time. 

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

They play characters on a stoner’s ride to White Castle. These friends realise they are going to run into all sorts of snags and cost each other money on their journey, but still get more than they bargained for—including Harris on the way.The final season of the Aidy Bryant-led series drops this month. Now that Annie is newly single, she is using the confidence of her new-found independence to throw herself back into the dating pool. Viewers can expect an episode featuring a girls’ night out with Annie, Fran, Ruthie and Maureen, as well as more relatable moments about navigating a world that doesn’t want to make space for you. 

Shrill on Hulu

Shrill Season 2 Proves Fat People Should Tell Our Own Stories | The Mary Sue

The name of the new superhero cartoon with a villain for a head is made up of the initials M.O.D.K. It stands for Mental Organism Designed Only to Kill. Some of the characters in the new TV show, “Kingdom”, feature Patton Oswalt, Melissa Fumero, and Ben Schwartz.


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