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World Mental Health Day in 2021: Here’s how Yoga can help with mental fatigue and rejuvenation.

1. Begin with joint activation – These are simple moves that can be done while lying in bed and are also an excellent way to begin your day. If you are frequently tired in the morning and find it difficult to get out of bed, begin with toe scrunches, ankle circles, wrist circles, and so on, and you will soon find the desire to get up and start the day.2. Get on the mat and practise some basic breathing exercises, such as sectional breathing or deep belly breathing. This helps you centre yourself, clear your mind, and better plan your day.

World Mental Health Day: Messages To Raise Awareness On Mental Well Being

You can also do more dynamic kriyas like Bhastrika or Kapalabhati, which will definitely help you get rid of grogginess.3. Now you can begin with some active movements, such as Surya Namaskara – go at your own pace. Hold each posture for 30 seconds if you need to slow down. If you want to increase the intensity, move through the postures smoothly, finding a rhythm with your breath.

Allow your intuition to guide you in determining the type of practise you require. 4. Incorporate at least one posture from each category into your practise: forward bend, backbend, twists, side bend, and arm balance/inversion. If you’re tired, start with child pose, then add some side bends, then mild backbends like cobra or camel, before moving into a twist. After that, stretch your hips so you can sit comfortably on the floor for pranayama and meditation.5. Your second round of breathing practises can be more specific, and you can even include breath retention at this point.

Nadi Shuddhi, or alternate nostril breathing, is a very beneficial breathing technique because it balances the nervous system. You can also repeat sectional breathing, but this time add mild breath retention (don’t overdo it).6. After this round of breathing, you may begin to feel more peaceful because your nervous system has begun to respond to your practise. You are now free to enter a meditation of your choice. You’ll notice that your mind is much calmer and that you don’t get distracted as easily. And in this manner, you would have recharged your body and relaxed your nervous system in six simple steps. From here, it is critical that you plan a day that is compatible with your energy levels and that you do not overextend yourself.

Nature values balance, and it is preferable if we choose to keep our lives balanced consciously, rather than allowing nature to do so for us by making us feel ill or fatigued.


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