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Written Episode Update: Kumkum Bhagya, 11th September 2021 Abhi Is About To Express His Rage To Pragya.


MUMBAI: The Episode begins with Pragya tolerating infront of Abhi that she had filled the wine bottles with shaded water. Abhi contends with her. Sumit, Amit and Gattu apologize to Pragya and leave. Pragya says you needed to show that you are prevalent, yet I demonstrated and have done this for your improvement. She goes. Rhea goes to Prachi’s space to consider her to deal with the visitors and tracks down her not there. She arrives at resolution that Ranbir and Prachi left the house.

Prachi stresses for Rhea and reveals to Ranbir that if she could have been there, then, at that point she would have helped Rhea in dealing with the visitors and guide her. Ranbir says Mummy requested that you be in the room and requests that she give her hand and holds her hand. He plays her main tune. Prachi grins and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is so acceptable? Ranbir says you made me great.

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Rhea yells saying they can’t be together. She tosses the jar indignantly and says I came to turn out to be acceptable in Ranbir’s sight and not in my relative sight. She says she will make Ranbir hers. Abhi goes to the room and inquires as to whether she appreciated destroying his party. Pragya says it was plan to inconvenience me and drank with your companions to cause me to feel low, however your companions left with their head low. She requests that he rest. Abhi says I will believe that you made arrangement and got fruitful. Pragya requests that he compose multiple times, that you won’t drink and you will get rest. Abhi says I will look in the house and will get wine. Pragya stops him and requests that he determine what he did in 2 years and asks what she did.

Abhi says it is your stunt to redirect me. He goes. Pragya thinks he got vexed once more. She thinks to call Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi get back home later in the evening. Rhea turns on the lights. Ranbir says I thought mummy woke up. Rhea asks where was you, Prachi. I was looking through you all over the place and reveals to Ranbir that he ought to have advised them. Prachi requests that Ranbir say. Ranbir says I made the arrangement to go and says we will advise you sometime later.

Rhea tells that she was concerned as Mummy reprimanded her and I figured where did she go. She says she called her multiple occasions. Prachi says you can call Ranbir. Rhea says I didn’t realize that you was with her. Ranbir says you can call me at whenever. He says Prachi likes your consideration and concern more than my consideration and concern. Prachi says it is late. Rhea says we will rest. Ranbir turns and takes a gander at Rhea. He says goodbye.

Pragya calls Prachi and asks do you know how I managed your father. She asks where is Ranbir? Prachi says he is here. Pragya requests that she put the telephone on speaker. Pragya tells that she found out about dread and left the cockroaches in the party. His companions ran out, and I changed the wine with shading water and his companions left. Ranbir says boss will accomplish something risky.

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Pragya says I know to deal with him. Prachi says I am certain that you can do it. Pragya requests that they rest and finishes the call.Rhea returns to her room, keeps pads on the bed and rests to rest. Siddharth thinks this pad interferes with us day by day and Rhea keeps it. He thinks why she is avoiding me. Rhea thinks she feels choked in this room and her room is the place where Prachi is laying down with Ranbir. She says she simply adores Ranbir, wishes she would have told this obviously. She turns.

Sid professes to rest. Rhea thinks there Prachi and here Sid, I need to act with both. She figures Sid will know why I am acting such, and thinks she is torn up pretty bad. Amit, Sumit and Gattu return home. Tanu is going to close the window and hears them talking, that Abhi called them for party and Pragya demolished it. Sumit says all great spouses act thusly and she was halting him for his improvement, they could have battle, however at that point additionally Bhabhi took gambled as she was contemplating Abhi.

He applauds Pragya and says Abhi’s better half is so acceptable, assuming my significant other does this, I will quit drinking today. Amit requests that he prevent drinking from today as I am your senior sibling. Sumit says I will drink wine with you and runs. Tanu stops Gattu and inquires as to whether he is abhi’s old buddy. Gattu says yes and says Abhi changed his name from Gaurav to Gattu.

Tanu requests that he purchase wine and give him, else he won’t get rest. She says they will go to the wine shop and purchase it.Tanu goes to the wine shop and gets it, in the wake of thinking about its impact.

She purchases an animation and requests that he proceed to give Abhi. He requests that she offer it to him. Tanu says she needs Abhi to partake in each second and requests that he proceed to provide for Abhi, and says no one will know. She thinks Pragya needs harmony and I sent wine so he grabs your tranquility, similarly as he have the desi wine, your tranquility will go and I will trust that the show will occur. Abhi goes to the room and inquires as to whether she is attempting to rest, grabbing his rest.

He says until he gets wine, he can’t rest. Pragya says you came to tell this. Abhi says I am irate with you and says you will know the explanation. Pragya says we didn’t have a battle. Sushma calls Pragya over and over. Pragya requests that he give her call and calls her, yet the call isn’t associated.

Abhi says assuming I had given you time, my 1 min would be squandered. Pragya asks him to tell for what good reason would he say he is furious? Precap: Abhi tumbles down from the steps, Pragya attempts to hold his hand, however to no end. Prachi awakens from rest and reveals to Ranbir that she saw something risky.


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