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​Weight loss: Three Reasons Why It’s Difficult To Lose Weight For Diabetics

Lose Weight

Weight loss: Three reasons why diabetics find it difficult to lose weightOne of the first pieces of advice given to people with diabetes is to lose weight. A healthy BMI and weight can greatly aid in diabetes management. Weight loss, on the other hand, is a little more difficult for diabetics. Here are three of the reasons why.

Insulin resistance is a condition that occurs when the body’A high-carbohydrate meal can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. The pancreas secretes insulin to help get glucose out of the blood and into cells where it can be used to produce energy.

The process, however, does not work well in people with type 2 diabetes. Their bodies become resistant to the action of insulin, and as a result, insulin is less effective at removing glucose from the blood.Feeling constantly hungryDiabetes patients are given dietary advice such as counting calories, limiting carbohydrate intake, and eating small meals. Following this advice can sometimes leave them hungry, resulting in cravings.

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Carbohydrate-rich meals cause a blood sugar spike followed by a drop, which variation causes frequent hunger. When a person is hungry, he or she eats more, which leads to weight gain.

Diabetes treatment

Because insulin aids in the storage of fat, taking it to treat diabetes may result in some weight gain. Some diabetes medications and oral medications work by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin, which can also lead to weight gain. Reduced carbohydrate consumption is the most effective way to lower blood sugar levels. A nutritionist can assist you in developing a personalised meal plan.


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