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Netflix Releases The Musical First Look At The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot


Variety is a popular website.Today at its aptly named global fan event Tudum, Netflix revealed the first look at the “Rebelde” 2022 reboot, transporting fans of the nostalgic telenovela back to the halls of Elite Way School.The reboot of the wildly popular Mexican teen musical dramedy from the early aughts, directed by Santiago Limón, appears to have taken a page from “Elite,” opting for preppy uniforms rather than the iconic scanty skirts and cropped blouses of its predecessor.

However, the clip Netflix shared shows that there will be no shortage of musical acts, much like the “Rebelde” we all know and love.Azul Guaita plays Jana Cohen, Sergio Mayer Mori plays Estebán, Andrea Chaparro plays M.J., Jeronimo Cantillo plays Dixon, Franco Masini plays Luka Colucci, Lizeth Selene plays Andi, Alejandro Puente plays Sebastián Langarica-Funtanet, and Giovanna Grigio plays Emilia. Estefana Villarreal will return as Celina Ferrer, but with a twist: she is now the principal of the prestigious boarding school.“Rebelde” is based on Cris Morena Group and Dori Media Group intellectual property, which was later adapted by Televisa.

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From 2004 to 2006, the most popular iteration of “Rebelde” (which was actually a Mexican remake of the original Argentine “Rebelde Way”) aired. “Rebelde” aired 440 episodes over three seasons, and it quickly became — and continues to be — one of the most recognisable pieces of Latinx tween and teen pop culture. Anah, Christopher von Uckermann, Dulce Mara, Alfonso Herrera, Maite Perroni, and Christian Chávez starred in the show.

On “Rebelde,” the actors played a meta-version of their band, RBD, which earned them international acclaim. Until their breakup in 2009, the group was one of the best-selling Latin music acts of all time, selling more than 15 million records worldwide. In the first scene, some of the students start singing the classic “Rebelde” song.


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