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2021 World Photography Day: What Does It Mean to Be A Photographer In The Digital Age?

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This is a period which is being caught and put away as it is cruising by. Snaps, snaps, shots have supplanted the term photo in its excursion towards digitization. Photos used to be a proof of a snapshot of the past. Notwithstanding, presently the reason has changed to catch the present, and photography has now changed into a method of imparting and communicating continuously.

The change is catalyzed all the more unmistakably with the inhabitance of cell phones in everyone’s pockets. Accordingly, the most sizzling instrument to speak with one another has immersed the domain of photography in a suitable way.

Henry Jacobson, an eminent cinematographer, in a meeting with TIME, said, “Photography has consistently relied upon innovation, and each adjustment of innovation has influenced photography’s set of experiences. Notwithstanding, cell phone, in its tendency, is a gadget for correspondence and not photography.” Jacobson properly brought up the core of the groundbreaking changes in the realm of photography. It isn’t a fact that the computerized age has totally broken the sacredness of photography.

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What it has done is make the work of art more open, heterogenic, and majority rule deeply. Everyone can utilize their cell phone gadget to draw out their perspective on their environmental factors to the heap eyes looking for different viewpoints to the world.

The work of art isn’t restricted to mechanics, minutes, and brains. Notwithstanding, people are a captive to their own mind, and one of the components that principles over us is that – the more we have of something, the less worth it has in our lives. What’s more, shockingly, that may likewise be the situation with photography. The heaviness existing apart from everything else that a photo used to convey has quelled because of the simplicity of freezing a second into our information stockpiling.

Does that mean photography is losing esteem? All things considered, No. As referenced by Cornell Capa, the author of the International Center of Photography, “Photography is the most fundamental and compelling method for correspondence of thoughts and viewpoints among individuals and countries everywhere,” photography can never lose esteem.

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Albeit, 10 years down the line, our cell phone exhibitions would not be just about as engaging as the old photograph collection containing cherished recollections and residue of time that remained and that which flew.


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