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Aiken company creates deluxe trucks for Nashville’s affluent


During the past few days, business owner Lee Fulmer and his employees have found themselves at the centre of a video that focuses on pickup trucks in the major leagues, being given major-league upgrades by ROC and Design.

Aiken business creates deluxe trucks for Nashville's elite | Local News |  postandcourier.com

Bryan has produced such hits as “This Is How I’m Livin’ Today” and “Don’t Want This Night to End” on his 2021 Sierra’s

As soon as they noticed Tombo Martin a few yards away, the focus shifted to a 2021 Tundra that belongs to the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Tampa Devil Rays, and Rockies ‘Retired ballplayer, he just off with the third base, focused on a set of benches for the following three teams: The Rockies, New York Yankees, and the Devil Rays, then Tampa Rays, followed by the Indians, followed by Houston Astros.

Buck is with the firm, and rooted in the “Duck Dynasty” as well, supports Ducky Commander’s videos.

as Truck Builder Ben Mongold put it, “This is a vehicle that anybody can purchase, and which is why we’re putting bed-rail components, bumpers, and other stuff on the air on the road to show with ‘Buck Commander.’

On Thursday, when they had a break, Mongold said: “Anything you’re going to discover in the wilderness, these things will help you out, whether you’re doing your deer hunting or any other activities in the outdoors.

Martin’s Trucks

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He was remarking as he worked on Martin’s truck and said, “People frequently get bumpers and tyres and suspension and assembly work done on their vehicles here” Work like a workhorse, not a show horse A lot of people -both well-known and lesser-known-prefer to wear them.

This is not the first time Mr. Fulmer’s crew has worked on recording artists’ They’ve also built vehicles for Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, and professional wrestler Heath Slater.

These days, a lot of the truck accessories are produced by “Truck Hero,” and they own at least 12 businesses,” The tyres we’ll be putting on these vehicles were made in Lancaster, SC, and the bumpers were constructed in Atlanta, which was nice because Toyo, the manufacturer, is located outside of Georgia.

An entire small business was launched in Aiken, South Carolina, and is next to a new Dollar General store.


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