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A Shigella Outbreak Has Been Reported Among The Homeless In San Diego.


Since Sept. 30, San Diego County health officials have been monitoring an outbreak of at least six cases of shigellosis in homeless people. According to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, the cases were discovered after the individuals were hospitalised.

They are expected to make a full recovery.According to officials, the county health department has notified San Diego and will work with the city, potential exposure sites, and homeless service providers to ensure good hygiene precautions, identify any additional cases, and connect ill individuals to treatment and housing.A health advisory has also been issued to local providers.”Shigellosis isn’t usually serious, but it can spread in the wrong circumstances, and we want to keep this vulnerable population safe,” said Dr. Seema Shah, medical director of the HHSA’s Epidemiology and Immunization Services branch.Shigellosis is a contagious infection that is typically transmitted through contaminated surfaces, food or water, or, in rare cases, person-to-person.

Shigella outbreak reported in City of San Diego individuals experiencing  homelessness | News | San Diego County News Center

The county identified 243 total cases in 2020. The county has identified 220 as of 2021.Although only a small number of organisms can cause illness, casual contact is not the most common way shigellosis bacteria spread. Typical symptoms include bloody diarrhoea, fever, and stomach cramps. Stool testing is used to diagnose the infection. Most people will recover completely without antibiotics, but those with weakened immune systems may develop life-threatening disease. Those experiencing symptoms similar to shigellosis are encouraged to seek medical attention from their primary care physician.

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