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Adult/Pediatric Service At Arlington VA Speech Pathologist Language Expert Expands

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The clinic, which was founded in 2015, has expanded to Arlington in order to improve access to its speech therapy services. The District Speech team works with people of all ages, offering adult speech therapy as well as paediatric speech and physical therapy. While many speech therapy clinics only treat adults or only children, District Speech’s practise of treating both is intentional, as it allows staff to identify potential challenges that children may face later in life.

District Speech, with its growing team of speech-language pathologists, provides a variety of solutions to treat children and adults with communication disorders. Learning and reading disabilities, stuttering avoidance and reduction, cleft lip and palate therapy, and accent modification and reduction are all areas of expertise. The decision to expand to Arlington is consistent with market trends that encourage an increasing number of people to seek assistance.A variety of factors contribute to the consistent growth of the speech-language pathology – SLP – market in the United States.

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Advances in healthcare and expanded insurance coverage for individuals have resulted in increased demand for both infant and elderly services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, SLP employment is expected to grow at a rate of 27 percent per year through 2028, significantly faster than the 5 percent average growth rate for all occupations in the United States.The growth of District Speech reflects this demand, as Arlington, which has grown at a rate of 12.4 percent since 2010, is the preferred residential suburb for many families with children. The new clinic branch’s easier access and greater convenience for many will allow for better service to more patients in need. Speech therapy can often completely correct, or at the very least greatly improve, speech problems.Accent modification, fluency and articulation disorders, Aphasia, Dysarthria, and a wide range of cognitive, expressive, resonance, or receptive disorders are all addressed in adult speech therapy at District Speech. Muscle exercises, memorization routines, breathing exercises, and language development activities are common components of therapy. Aside from standard speech and language therapy, the clinic also provides physical therapy for children with Down syndrome, flat head syndrome, and premature babies.


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