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Aim For A Work That You Love” Vaibhav Maloo Explains Why Time Management Is Invaluable In Today’s Scenario

Nobody can define success because it is subjective and never requires a proper definition, only determination can be considered. But in the bustling world of deadlines, time becomes an uncompromisable aspect. What counts is, not how good the work is, but how quick and good it is. Nonetheless, time management has become something we can’t live without.

In today’s era, the winner is not the one who works hard to get the work done on time, but the one who is smart enough to have an amazing work-life balance. We’re here to talk to Vaibhav Maloo, the Managing Director of Enso Group, about his personal and professional life. Maloo is a well-known figure in the business world. A name in the business niche who stands out in a different place all because of his ideologies and productivity.

Vaibhav Maloo is known for his achievements as Youth Icon of the Year (2021), Indian Achievers’ Award for Business Leadership (2021), and Rotaractor of the year. The definitions of determination and productivity seem to justify their meanings in what Vaibhav Maloo asks to embrace through his time management, “I wake up early, exercise, and give myself a time out whenever required to refresh my mind and always aspire to do my work with commitment.” He says that he has the freedom to work at the pace of the team and that

Vaibhav Maloo agrees with the idea of giving the right tools and measures to help everyone on the team get along. He claims to be up to date on current events through news and online updates; this is a basic requirement in business and staying in touch with the world. Life does not end with success, and success never stops at a point, but it is the beginning of a chain leading to many more. Hence, “never stop at a point seems to complete its meaning in what Vaibhav Maloo says during lockdown. He developed a new passion by pondering over the ways to increase productivity in one’s life.

Vaibhav Maloo states, “he loves dining out once in a while as he is a typical Mumbaikar” and success is when you are not away from yourself in an actual way, as he states to give time to relax in life with commitment in work. Vaibhav Maloo is critical of attaining productivity in a job you don’t love. As he states, “Aim to be the best, be it in career or personal life; take enough time to discover what you love in an actual sense.” Hence, love for work and productivity are directly proportional.

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