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Amelia Gray Hamlin Isn’t Sure How To Feel After Her Parents Are Caught Skinny Dipping With Lisa And Harry

Amelia Gray Hamlin has sentiments after she got her folks, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, thin plunging during a new family get-away at the lake.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast part and her better half got captured by their girl in a second, and Amelia then, at that point presented some editorial of the revelation. “I just discovered my folks thin plunging in the hot tub,” she subtitled a photograph of said guardians in the said hot tub.

Lisa Rinna's Daughter Amelia Says High School Experience Led to Depression  and Eating Disorder | PEOPLE.com

“Furthermore, [I don’t know] whether I’m damaged or, as, in case it’s adorable.” Yet, that wasn’t the lone second imparted to the world. Lisa imparted one more second on Instagram to Harry and herself. The video she posted elements the pair out on the lake in a boat. “Satisfaction,” she inscribed the Instagram. Close by one more photograph with Harry, she kidded, “In an uncommon second, I got a selfie with the Acrylic Nails Man.”

Lisa likewise shared a stunning photograph of herself on the water getting in some an ideal opportunity for herself paddleboarding. She additionally posted a photograph of Harry barbecuing, which she named “home.”


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