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Are You Ready To Expand Your TikTok Account? Here Are Four Important Pointers.


When the world came to a halt due to the pandemic, there was little for people to do except go to the grocery store for necessities. With no vacations, silly friends, or concert photos to share, active social media users turned to a new platform to post videos on while quarantined.

TikTok quickly became the most popular social media platform for scrolling aimlessly for hours while stuck inside.

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Celebrities and ordinary users alike posted amusing dance videos from their homes as a form of entertainment for themselves and others to enjoy. The app, which was little known prior to March of 2020, is now popular in all age groups, with sounds, dances, and users going viral on a daily basis. So, how does one navigate the TikTok world? What makes a video stand out to viewers? How does a video become popular? Whether you want to go viral, expand your university or company to this app, or simply post videos for fun, these tips can help you succeed.Trends are essential. Examine the sounds, hashtags, memes, and dances on your For You Page. These elements are frequently viewed by a large number of users and can pique their interest.

If you use a popular song, other users may come across your post while scrolling through TikToks with the same song! Develop NicheWhat type of content do you want to share on your account? Determine what theme or audience you want to attract and tailor your videos to that theme or audience.

For example, if all of your videos are about dancing, a dancer is more likely to continue scrolling and interacting with your profile. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in your feed. Scroll through your FYP page to see what is frequently used. Examine what attracts a lot of attention and what doesn’t. Examine various profiles to see which videos work and which do not. Pay attention to various transition effects that can improve your video: a transition will catch the viewer’s attention more than a plain video. Narrate a StoryUse video with text overlay to tell a storey to your audience.

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When a viewer starts reading engaging text, they will want to watch the entire video to see what happens and where the storey goes. Having an interesting story in multiple parts is a good way to get people to look at your profile. The list of useful tips for increasing followers, likes, or simply navigating TikTok extends beyond this brief list. Sometimes users are unlucky, and one of their videos goes viral without their knowledge. Have fun with TikTok however you want to use it and explore the endless creative, funny, and inspirational opportunities right at your fingertips!


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