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Beck Bennett, Where Are You On Saturday Night Live? Is He Going To Leave?

Beck Bennett

On tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, where is Beck Bennett? Has the long-running cast member left the show? We’ve got a lot of news to break down in this piece, assuming you haven’t already heard it. Let me start with the bad news: Bennett is no longer a cast member on the show. Despite being a long-standing member of the cast, his departure was announced just a few weeks ago. He and newcomer Lauren Holt are the only two performers from last season who aren’t returning, and the reasons for their departures are unknown.

Nonetheless, Beck thanked SNL profusely in a farewell statement, and we’re sure he’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

While Bennett never garnered the attention of Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, or Cecily Strong, he was one of the cast’s more frequently used members. He had a natural sense of hilarity about him, which led to some hilarious physical comedy. He also made an excellent impression on Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin.If there is one career path we hope Beck can emulate after his run on the show, it is that of Jason Sudeikis, who also had a rather abrupt exit and was never considered the biggest star during his run on TV.

Saturday Night Live to Return Without Beck Bennett

However, you can argue that Jason is now on TV’s most popular comedy in Ted Lasso, and he will also return to host the show later this month. Beck just needs to find the right venue for his talent, which we hope he does! For the time being, we should note that we will miss Beck on SNL, and the producers will have their work cut out for them in trying to replace him in the ensemble.


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