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Bed bugs: The berry scent indicates a ‘large infestation’ in your home.

The pests attach themselves to luggage, used furniture, and clothing, and once inside, a female can lay up to five eggs per day. Within two weeks, the eggs hatch, and the immature bed bugs begin their search for blood. Bed bugs require a blood meal to mature from a baby nymph to an adult, which can take up to seven weeks.

Bed bugs: The berry scent indicates a “major infestation” in your home -  Exterminator News

With each mature female capable of producing up to five eggs per day, it is easy to see how an infestation can quickly become out of control. Service for pest control A “musty, sweet smell – often likened to berries,” according to Orkin, indicates a “large infestation.”When bitten by bed bugs, some people have little to no skin reaction, which may indicate that the infestation is not treated in its early stages.


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