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Big Sean and Hit-Boy Explain Why Kanye West Is “Very Difficult To Work With”

Big Sean

In a recent interview, Hit-Boy and former G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean revealed that working with Kanye West can be a time-consuming process.Sean Don stated in a new episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game that “Kanye can be very difficult to work with.” We’re all aware of it.” Ye, according to him and Hit-Boy, “will have you re-do a verse ten times” and “redo some drums ten times” only to not use it.

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“With ‘Clique,’ I just did that verse on the fly with [Kanye] and Hov.” “Everyone contributed a verse to it, so there are about eight other verses on there,” Big Sean explained. “I guess after he and Hov met up, they cut everybody except Sean because he went too crazy on the hook.” That’s not my opinion; it’s what he told me. “You hit me and said, ‘Congrats, bro.'”Sean also took to Twitter, revealing in a now-deleted tweet that they did the Million Dollar Dollaz Worth of Game interview before Ye’s Drink Champs.

“I did this Million Dollars Worth A Game interview about a month ago, and a lot of people are looking at it as a response to Ye’s Drink Champs, but it’s not, I filmed it before that,” he tweeted.


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