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Cuomo Of New York Requests State Police Assistance In Investigating War Memorial Vandalism

Cuomo Of New York Requests State Police Assistance In Investigating War Memorial Vandalism

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was “nauseated” at an obvious destructive incident at a Vietnam War commemoration in New York City, and asked state police to assist with an examination. 

“The Memorial’s despoiling with spray painting and disdainful images, coming only two days after Memorial Day, isn’t only hostile to the recollections of these officers and to their friends and family-it’s contradictory to the ethical fiber of our state and our country,” Cuomo said on Twitter. 

New York's Cuomo seeks state police help to probe war memorial vandalism -  News Break

“I have guided the New York State Police to aid the examination concerning this appalling destructive incident.” 

His remarks came after New York City Councilman Robert Holden posted pictures of the obvious defacing of the dedication in the ward of Queens, and said he was working with police to ensure those capabilities would be dealt with. 

The pictures Holden posted on Twitter showed spray painting of Nazi images, profane words and the expression “child executioners” painted around the commemoration. 

Holden offered a $1,000 award for data prompting the capture and conviction of those dependable. 

New York's Cuomo Seeks State Police Help to Probe War Memorial Vandalism -  Flipboard

New York City and state police authorities didn’t quickly react to a Reuters demand for input. 

The Queens Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which was committed in 2019, incorporates https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/elmhurst-park/landmarks an engraving of occasions that prompted the conflict. The U.S. association separated society at that point. 

In excess of 58,300 U.S. military individuals were slaughtered in the conflict. The dedication incorporates an honor move of 371 individuals from Queens who were murdered.

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