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Daniel Cormier sends a message to Jake Paul sitting at UFC 261 as ‘f*CK Jake Paul’

Wherever Jake Paul goes, drama seems to follow. That was definitely Saturday’s UFC 261 event. As Paul made his way to Jacksonville’s cageside seats, the audience could be heard booing the boxer’s YouTube star. That’s because, after a preliminary bout between Randy Brown and Alex Oliveira, Paul got into a verbal brawl with former UFC heavyweight champion and analyst Daniel Cormier.

Following Brown’s submission to Oliveira, UFC commentator Joe Rogan weighed the broadcast situation.

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“I discovered the chant. It’s’ F-Jake Paul, ‘” Rogan said. “That’s what they’re all shouting. How did it all begin? I’m not sure. “

“I swear, I just saw Jake Paul. I said, ‘Don’t play with me,’ because I’m going to slap him in the face, “Cormier replied. “He’s there right. I’ll smack it. I’m not playing football, Joe.”

When the UFC’s post-fight interview with Brown wrapped up, Cormier walked over to where Paul was sitting. The two briefs exchanged until UFC security intervened to prevent a fight from breaking out.Cormier was escorted back to the commentary desk.

This altercation certainly came from nowhere. Last weekend, Paul knocked out former UFC welterweight fighter Ben Askren via TKO, exchanging words on social media and interviews with Cormier.

Paul appeared on his brother Logan Paul’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast and, in the past, called Cormier to help Askren.

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“Shut f–k, b—h,” Paul said. “I’ll beat your fat a_ _k, too, just like Stipe. Cleveland’s-t. I swear to God. I’ll beat Daniel Cormier‘s f-k. “

Cormier didn’t care too much about Paul’s remarks, considering Paul’s recent boxing ring success.

“This guy would never fight me,” Cormier said during an ESPN appearance. “I’d kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that? “

Cormier announced his retirement from the Octagon after he lost to Stipe Miocic via unanimous decision last August.

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