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Epic Games made a $200 million offer to Sony to bring PS5 and PS4 exclusives to its store.

A new paper shows that Epic Games attempted to bring an exclusive PlayStation to the Epic Games Store.

Thanks to the ongoing Apple vs Epic litigation, we got lots of insider news. During the trial phase, a number of documents with otherwise undisclosed details have appeared and the latter may be one of the largest. Epic Games seemed to be seeking to win the exclusive PlayStation for the Epic Games Store.

Sony Group Corporation invests another $200 million in Epic Games - Gematsu

As PC Gamer has pointed out, this new paper contains the plan for Sony’s first-party games, which can be found only on PlayStation consoles, to finally be brought to the Epic Games Store for the PC. The document reads, “An offer expanded for 4-6 titles to $200 million MG+.” There were no details about the titles, but it is unlikely that Sony would settle on its latest games. If we had to guess, perhaps some of the older PS4 exclusives would have been involved. However, the following point states “awaiting input,” which means that this discussion may not even have gone on.

But that’s not all; the document reveals that Microsoft and Nintendo have had a similar proposal from Epic Games. While Nintendo was a “non-starter,” Epic began talking to Microsoft. However, according to internal Microsoft feedback, Xbox Game Pass is a competitor to Epic’s goal, and the two companies are essentially bidding for content.

Epic Offered Sony $200 Million For A Handful Of PlayStation Studios Games  As Epic Games Store Exclusives - PlayStation Universe

The last pointer in the Microsoft section noted that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, met with Valve boss Gabe Newell for unrevealed discussions.

Exclusives from Sony have gone before to PC. Heroes and Predator: Hunting Grounds were primarily launched at the Epic Games Shop, while Horizon: Zero Dawn was also launched at Epic and Steam. The next PC release of Days Gone is also available.

Another document uncovered in light of Microsoft’s litigation moves towards the 88/12 share of sales for games sold on Xbox consoles in the first half of 2021; the transition is scheduled to begin by June. As a Microsoft spokesman told The Verge, the company seems to be reaching this conclusion very recently: “We don’t intend to adjust the revenue for console games at this moment.”

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