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First look at Sebastian Stan, Lily James as Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson

Pamela anderson

“Wow.” “Wow.” “What is that?” “Obsessed,” “Unreal.” That’s the reaction of the social media to the unheard of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee resemblance of Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

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The first pictures of James and Stan that were dressed for his forthcoming limited series “Pam&Tommy” were released on Friday by Hulu, who says that the streamer service is based on “the true scandal that all began”: the sex cassette Anderson and Lee.

Hulu teased about Instagram and Twitter: “Here’s a look at Pam & Tommy.”

In his signature, James showed blond-blonde, dramatic smoky look and an iconic leather getup in the 1996 film “Barb Wire,” which shows him in the first photo. The first photo was taken with a blanke-blond signature.

On Instagram, James shared the picture alongside Anderson’s quote “Being blonde is great. It is very easy to surprise people with low expectations.”

In another photo, fans also get a look at Stan as the Mötley Crüe drummer, complete with dark black hair, a nose ring and his infamous “Mayhem” stomach tattoo. The photo shows James seductively biting one of his nipple rings, in addition to the “Baywatch” star’s notorious barbed-wire arm tattoo.

Social media collectively agreed the duo looked “spot on.”

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Well, woo!! That’s such a change! Excellent!” Karen Gillan, who knows something or two about Nebula transformations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, commented. Commented. Twitter user @ezwrites added, “Give Lily James the maquilador who has already transformed Pamela Anderson to Emmy.”

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