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Honey, an adorable puppy, melts hearts as she responds to being called lovely.


Need a grin following a difficult week? All things considered, this clasp of a canine’s response to being told Honey is excellent is exactly what you will require.

In the video, presented on TikTok by client Sarah Lawther, referred to online as @sarahlawther, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier little dog can be seen gazing into the camera.

An electronic voiceover then says: “This is the way she reacts to being called wonderful.”

The 18-month old doggy, whose name is Honey, can be seen resting her front legs on Lawther’s knee when she is then advised: “You are the most wonderful young lady in the entire whole world.”

Adorable puppy named Honey melts hearts with response to being called  beautiful - Opera News


Heart formally liquefied ❤️ Honey has the best soul ✨🐶 #cute #fyp #puppylove #staffylove

♬ unique sound – Sarah Lawther

The little dog then, at that point squeaks as she hears the remark, swaying her tail in fervor.

Lawther then, at that point says : “Yes you, you are my child, you’re great. Do you concur?”

The grinning puppy then, at that point makes a piercing sound practically in a “yes mother” reaction.

The video, which was posted on June 21, has so far been seen more than 20.9 multiple times and outperformed 6,000,000 preferences.

Sarah reveals to WFLA she’s had individuals from everywhere the world contact her with the amount they love Honey the Puppy.


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