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Hyebin Of Momoland Admits She And Marco Of UNB Are In Love, And Ecstatic K-Pop Fans Dub The Couple The ‘Weirdest Pair.’

Momaland’s Hyebin


A new K-pop pair was revealed and K-pop fan groups shared mixed emotions about the news. The leader of Momoland’s K-pop act Hyebin has admitted to being with OPUS Entertainment’s South Korean singer and rapper Marco. While the relationship between the K-Pop couple was confirmed by Momoland MLD Entertainment label.

Official UNB's Marco Thread - Individual Artists - OneHallyu

A Marco fan said the singer joined a fan chatroom and cleared the rumours of relationship sharing, “It was not true, but I have said that I dated” and added, “It’s not true totally, no…. That’s why, because I want to tell the guys not to worry and let them know, I came into the chat room,” Koreaboo reported.
On the other hand, on May 17th, MLD Entertainment answered the NewsN request, stating, “It is true that Hyebin and Marco are in love following confirmation with Hyebin.” With regard to the private life of the couple, the media have refused to add a date or report on the relationship between the couple.

Hyebin, 25, who won the 2016 ‘Finding Momoland’ Mnet survival show, haven’t yet publicly discussed the beautiful Marco.

Hyebin and Marco from Momoland and UNB, which debuted in the K-pop industry for one year in a row, are three years old. Marco aka Lee Hyung-geun also made his debut as well as Hyebin in a KBS-survival show called ‘The Unit’ by the 28-year-old singer and rapper formerly k-pop act UNB. However, after UNB stopped operating in 2019, the “Boyhood” crooner was absent from the social media. Afterwards, Hot Blood Youth, a K-pop group project to which he belonged, disbanded in 2020.

The K-Pop fandom shared its mutual love and admiration for the couple while some shared funny answers. A fan whispered, ‘Omg that’s adorable!!! Hope there are no more Marco stories “stealing” someone’s GF Hahahahahah” ” Another fan wrote, “This is the strangest couple. Bruh wondering what the frame is up to now!” A user shared, “Wow, I wish my Angel Hyebin had no hatred for them. Her boyfriend Btw is so beautiful!”


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