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‘I was still in control, in my mind,’ Kelly Osbourne and Dax Shepard discuss relapse, sobriety, and more.

Kelly Osbourne and Dax Shepard open up their recent recurrences.

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In September, Shepard revealed that after 16 years of sobriety, he had recurred when he had begun to take prescription pain pills after a motorcycle accident surgery. Earlier this month, Osbourne said that after almost four years of sobriety, after a “nerve breakdown” in the COVID-19 pandemic, she was recurring in alcohol.

Kelly Osbourne joined Shepard Monday’s ‘Armchair Expert’ episode, in which they discussed their history with addiction, how they deal with their recent recurrences and the fellowship of the AA programme that they agreed to was more advantageous than the 12 steps.

But Kelly Osbourne said the programme’s effectiveness “began to change” during quarantine, when individual meetings moved to Zoom, where it was harder to connect with her colleagues.

“I started to do the online meetings. I didn’t like them,” Osbourne said. “The best part about going to an AA meeting is that you don’t have to look at your (expletive) self.”

The “Junior Project Runway” judge said she was “fearless and resentful” when she “helped me figure out who I am” and “did nothing from” the meetings that used to “mean all to me.” It caused a domino effect on her nervousness.

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“I stopped calling my sponsor slowly but surely,” Osbourne said. “I stopped connecting with my girls, slowly but surely. Slowly but surely, a girl came back. Then another girl came back and all my friends came back.

The former star of the “Fashion Police” said that retention “didn’t last long.”

“Two weeks later, finished… Have been embarrassing (expletive). Blacked out, Blacked out “She continued. She continued. “I was still in control in my mind. It wasn’t until I found myself dressed last weekend in ranch dressings by my friends pool sunburnt that I felt like ‘maybe I’ve never controlled this.'”


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