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Ice Cube Allegedly Backs Out Of A $9 Million Film Deal After Refusing A Vaccine.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor and rapper Ice Cube has reportedly dropped out of the Sony comedy “Oh Hell No” after producers requested that the entire cast receive the COVID-19 vaccine.By allegedly refusing to take his shots, the “Friday” star allegedly walked away from a $9 million payday and a winter shoot in Hawaii with co-star Jack Black.Ice Cube has publicly advocated for the use of masks during the pandemic. Bacone College thanked the N.W.A. artist in August for donating 2,000 face masks to the school. Ice Cube debuted a “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” T-shirt line in April 2020, featuring images of him wearing a mask.

The rapper stated on Instagram that all proceeds from the T-shirt sales were donated to front-line health care workers.Later that year, the hip-hop artist was chastised for collaborating with then-President Donald Trump on his “platinum plan,” which would have labelled the Ku Klux Klan, as well as anti-fascist or “antifa” groups, as terrorist organisations.

Ice Cube backs out of Sony, Jack Black flick after refusing vaccine

Many saw Trump’s plan as an attempt to win over Black Americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election.However, the “Barbershop” star defended his collaboration with Trump on Twitter, claiming that both Republicans and Democrats had contacted him after he released a plan to address racial inequality earlier in 2020 called Contract With Black America.”Dems said we’d address the CWBA after the election,” Ice Cube said on Twitter.

Ice Cube Quits New Movie After Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine, Gives Up $9  Million Paycheck

“After speaking with us about the CWBA, the Trump campaign made some changes to their plan.”According to THR, Ice Cube recently left the boxing drama “Flint Strong,” which was directed by “Mudbound” Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rachel Morrison and written by Barry Jenkins. However, it is unknown what prompted his departure.


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