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In a hilarious golf match, Niall Horan took on the Jonas Brothers.


While going about as visitor have for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Niall Horan took the Jonas Brothers playing golf. Rather than playing the game in a direct way, Niall tested Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas to make their excursion a bit more fascinating with the “Wheel of Stupidity.”

“Since we’re such acceptable golf players we thought it’d be quite reasonable if we somehow managed to play golf, we would disable ourselves,” Niall says in a review cut for Tuesday’s scene.

Niall Horan Takes Jonas Brothers Golfing — with a Catch! | PEOPLE.com

“So in the Wheel of Stupidity here, we have a few balls with handicaps on them and we gotta do what it says.” Niall turned the wheel first and picked a discipline that left Joe, Nick, and Kevin chuckling—the previous One Direction part should play golf in a kilt with a full arrangement of bagpipes.

“Obviously the Celtic person gets that one,” the Irish local joked. Joe went straightaway and wound up twirling multiple times prior to taking a swing. After Joe’s twist, Nick got the discipline of covering his club in ointment to make it more hard to swing the golf club.

At long last, Kevin needed to suffer Niall and his siblings blowing air horns at him all through his turn.


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