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In The Post-Pandemic Hot Dog Race, Joey Chestnut Breaks A New record.

Joey Chestnut

Chowdown champ Joey “Jaws” Chestnut broke his own record to swallow to a fourteenth success in the men’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday, while Michelle Lesco took the ladies’ title.

Chestnut brought down 76 franks and buns in a short time. That is one more than he did in setting the men’s record last year, when the challenge unfurled without fans due to the Covid pandemic.

“It just felt better,” Chestnut, of Westfield, Indiana, said in an ESPN meet after his success Sunday. “Regardless of whether I was awkward, having everyone cheer me and push me, it caused me to feel good.”Lesco, of Tucson, Arizona, brought down 30 ¾ canines in a short time and called her success “an astounding inclination.”

Defending champ Chestnut sets record with 74 hot dogs | WTOP

Ruling ladies’ champ and record-holder Miki Sudo avoided for the current year since she’s expecting a child in half a month with individual serious eater Nick Wehry. He competed for the men’s title however missed the mark. The yearly Fourth of July hotdog fest regularly occurs outside Nathan’s lead shop in Brooklyn’s Coney Island area. In any case, the current year’s arranging occurred in the midst of moving Covid limitations, and the occasion was held in a close by small time baseball arena, Maimonides Park, with 5,000 onlookers.

Last year, it was held inside and without an in-person crowd in light of the pandemic. Chestnut, of Westfield, Indiana, said he’d missed the fans last year. “I’ve been anticipating this the entire year,” he told ESPN in a meeting before the current year’s opposition.


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