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Is Dr. Glassman Returning To Town In The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6?


Tonights The Good Doctor season 5 scene 6 ended up being a troublesome one for Dr. Shaun Murphy, and for various reasons.Shaun was sure that he could save him; was he effective? Lamentably no, and he understood that as time continued. At last, it arrived at a point where he needed to do anything he might to save his patients heart so that there could be a transfer. He understood his slip-up with Park and toward the finish of the scene, the connection between them was fortunately reestablished.

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Did Glassman return to San Jose? This is the kind of thing that Lea was frantic to get going, generally in light of the fact that Shauns status at the medical clinic would have been in danger sooner rather than later.

His audits from patients werent precisely extraordinary, and we definitely realize that Lea is enlarging the scores behind the scenes.

For the majority of the scene, we did sincerely feel that Glassman planned to return Lea argued for him to return since he could help break through to her fiance.

That is when Glassman passed along some significant exhortation: Keep dealing with Shaun like an individual. Since the time Glassman left she twisted around in reverse to guarantee that Shaun was really focused on and obliged, yet that is not what he really wanted. He doesnt need somebody to control his scores.

Have confidence, this story is a long way from being done; we dont see Glassy being gone from San Jose until the end of time


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