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Is The Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS5 Version Available?

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remaster of the trilogy’s original three titles, but will it be available on Sony’s new console?

Is The Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS5 Version Available?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remastered version of BioWare’s popular science fiction epic. The first game in the series was released in 2007, initially as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The first trilogy concluded in 2012 with Mass Effect 3. The Legendary Edition completely reworked the saga, upgrading every texture to 4K resolution, including all DLC (except one), giving players a modern, universal character design, and much more. Many fans are excited about returning to the Mass Effect Universe, and newcomers are excited about jumping in for the first time, but will PlayStation 5 owners be able to play on new hardware?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is playable on the PS5, but only through backward compatibility. The game is not designed for the PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles, but rather for consoles from the previous generation. The decision to limit the Legendary Edition to the PS4 is due to the game’s engine. The original trilogy was created with Unreal Engine 3, and it would have been too much effort for the Legendary Edition development team to recreate the whole trilogy in a new version.

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It is disappointing, but not completely unexpected, that the existing consoles will not be upgraded. Generations of new consoles normally receive a slew of cross-gen titles, and current hardware generally puts a halt to game development. However, playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on a PS5 is a fantastic experience. The SSD shortens loading times (though lift trips are still included in the first mass effect), and the PS5 achieves a more suitable frame rate at higher resolutions.

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While Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is playable on the PS5, it is clear that it will not provide a true current-gen experience. In addition to not being compatible with current hardware, the Legendary Edition would be unable to use the DualSense controller’s exclusive features. Owners of the PlayStation 5 will have to wait until the untitled Mass Effect sequel to get their true contemporary entry into the game.

The next mass effect is still in the works, but some original developers are returning to BioWare for the project, which is a positive sign of Andromeda’s deception. Apart from last year’s announcement trailer, there had been no news of the next Mass Effect, although it was confirmed that it was in production for the PS5 and Xbox X games, bringing back beloved characters from the original Mass Effect trilogy, such as Liara T’Soni.

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