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‘It’s not good enough,’ says CHO, defending the eight-hour delay in releasing new exposure sites.

As the state battles to contain four growing COVID-19 clusters, Queensland’s top doctor has defended the eight hours it took for exposure sites on the Gold Coast to be shared with the public.Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young revealed at a 10 a.m. press conference on Wednesday that a truck driver from Gaven on the Gold Coast had been infectious in the city from Saturday to Monday, including Mermaid Waters, Merrimac, Nerang, Surfers Paradise, Miami Beach, and Currumbin.However, the specific locations, which included Coles, gas stations, a sports club, and a fish and chip shop, were not added to Queensland Health’s growing list of exposure sites until around 6 p.m.Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate expressed disappointment that the information took so long to become available, claiming that it should have been available based on check-in data from the official app.“It’s not very helpful – people up in those suburbs are like, ‘well, do I get tested?’” he said.

Efficacy of masks and face coverings in controlling outward aerosol  particle emission from expiratory activities | Scientific Reports

“It is not acceptable to not have the information until eight hours later – what are you doing in Queensland Health?” If you have information for the suburbs, the [Check In Queensland] app should be able to provide you with information.”

Dr. Young, on the other hand, defended her decision to provide the suburbs earlier because it encouraged people with symptoms in those areas to come forward and be tested.“It’s just an extra nudge,” she explained.“People in Queensland have been really good about coming forward and getting tested throughout this pandemic, but I know it helps.“If you think I’m at a higher risk because I live in that suburb…

I want people to come and get tested no matter where they are in the state, but I do know human nature – if you give people an extra reason, they’re even more likely to.”


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