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Justin Haynes: JUS10h Is Just About Your Style, A Fashion Designers Tale

Surpassing expectations and reaching excellence, it begins with a dream and expands beyond imagination when the fashion industry comes into view.

The fashion industry has always been one of a kind, demanding people to think outside the box all the time, not just once in a while. It is the responsibility of every designer to innovate themselves on a regular basis, and keep up with the recent trends too to make sure that they don’t lag behind. The fashion industry is remarkable at all times, since it is do people who get to choose the best, and anybody who is not the best version of themselves certainly not going to last long in the industry. Get ready to know more from Justin Haynes, hailing from Springfield MA, whose artistic values have left many baffled.

Justin Haynes has always valued the importance of creativity. A creative mind needs to derive inspiration not just from the environment and the latest trends, focusing his thoughts on the likes and dislikes of people, but it must also come from within himself. He has therefore successfully managed to lead a top fashion brand, becoming an established international fashion designer along with his JUS10H. Moreover, he has also been recognised for his unique designs, being for runway shoes in American States and also in various other parts of the world. Establishing a will thought out brand in your own country is impressive but being known worldwide is beyond impressive, it truly defines the talents of an individual.

He came up with his brand almost a decade ago. Although Justin was just a common man, he had other dreams and plans for the future. He did not hesitate to leave his particular field of career in order to pursue another one in the field of fashion designing. This is what dreams do to you, it makes you follow your goals without making you regret your life choices. Most of his designs include retro chic designs, catering to the general needs of men, women as well as children of all ages. Let’s have a look at his contributions to some prestigious places:

  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Miami Fashion Week
  • Fashion Week in Dubai, Milan, New York
  • La Fashion Week
  • Designing for celebrities in Oscars

These are just a few Fashion Week mentions in a number of places that could not be missed. However, the list goes on, hence only the most popular ones have been mentioned. With 12 years counting in the business, he has appeared in a number of magazines, articles and even blogs! Beauty gurus seem to love him, he takes great pride in his work and this confidence must be a motivating factor for other designers too.

Here we see how a true goal can change your entire life, it is never too late, take the steering wheel of your life in your own hands and drive into the path you enjoy.

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