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Key Glock Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Young Dolph: “Why You Leave Me So Soon?”


This has undoubtedly and predictably been a difficult season for Young Dolph’s family. The rapper and community builder was a relatively unproblematic figure in the industry until he was gunned down in his hometown last week while reportedly buying baked goods for his mother. Following Dolph’s murder, a series of chaotic events have been reported, including another shooting at the same location that injured one person.

Remembering Young Dolph, a Rapper of Uncommon Generosity | Pitchfork

The investigation’s information has been a bit disorganized, with Memphis residents posting updates consisting of city gossip and news outlets sharing what they have learned from authorities. As the public tries to piece together the puzzle that will lead to the identities of those responsible, Dolph’s cousin and Dum & Dummer collaborator Key Glock has released a lengthy tribute to his fallen friend.


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