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Derek Hough Shares COVID-19 Quarantine Update During DTWS Season 30 Finale: ‘I’m In A Good Mood!’


Derek Hough is recovering after testing positive for the game-changing COVID-19.The Dancing with the Stars judge, 36, made a virtual appearance on Monday night’s season 30 finale to share an update from quarantine, while his sister Julianne Hough took his place on the judging panel.The TV personality also praised the professional dancers for their passion, dedication, and creativity throughout the season.”It’s a huge responsibility to take on, you know, with all the choreography, time, blood, sweat, and tears,” Derek explained. “You’ve been great teachers and mentors to your celebrity partners. Congratulations to everyone. And good luck to all of the finalists.

Derek Hough to Perform Las Vegas 'Dance-Centric' Show in Fall 2021 |  PEOPLE.com

Strong in both the mind and the body. You’ve got it. Best wishes!”Julianne also mentioned her brother’s health earlier in the evening, while gushing about her return to the show.”He’s doing fantastic,” she told Tyra Banks, the show’s host. “I just FaceTimed him, and he’s doing well. He’s doing well, and I’m truly honoured to be here. I stepped away from the judges’ table for a while to become a fan again, to watch on television. And I have to tell you, I’m overjoyed to be here in person instead of yelling at the TV!” Derek had a previous scare with COVID and was absent from the competition show’s third week in October.

The following week, he returned to the show.”Due to a potential COVID exposure and an abundance of caution, Derek has elected to sit out this taping of DWTS,” ABC said at the time, according to a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Season 30 contestant Cody Rigsby and his professional partner Cheryl Burke both contracted cases of breakthrough COVID and had to perform a dance virtually from their respective homes while completing their quarantines.


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