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“Losing My Father Was My Biggest Loss” Hollywood Actress Theadina Von Seyfried Opens Up Her Emotions In An Exclusive Interview

Theadina Von Seyfried: Hollywood is the place to fulfill one’s dreams and aspirations. It is the home of art, expression, dance, and music in its most accurate form. And today, we have a future superstar who has already made a name for herself as she looks out to explore the art of acting and rule the industry one day.

We had the great pleasure of meeting a talent who has pushed the boundaries of acting and cinema. We recently interviewed Theadina Von Seyfried and learned much about the 33-year-old star. Here’s a transcript below of the interview-

How are you doing, Theadina? Could you please shed light on your career so far?

I am doing great; I was born and brought up in the Philippines and have always had an artistic culture around me. My parents would make me watch all the Hollywood classics, which was the first call to my mind that I wanted to become an actress. I still adore the same things I did as a little girl, such as photography, writing, and drawing.

Q. At what moment did you know you wanted to be an actor?

I think it was not any particular moment, but the love for cinema and its beauty grew upon me since childhood. I was obsessed with actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Vivien Leigh. I entered the modelling industry, but after a point of time, I realized I had the calibre and zeal to be an actress, and therefore I started giving auditions in Los Angeles.

Q. What are the highlight projects you’ve done in your career till now?

I have had a great experience working with people worldwide; I consider myself lucky that I am exploring so many shades of art that often go unnoticed. But I have majorly worked on Projects like- The Blood of a Poet, Heidi, The Ten Commandments, Kiki’s Delivery Service, A Little Princess, Umrao Jaan, Welcome to Los Santos-Angeles and Rock Your Shakespeare.

Q. Theadina, what has been the driving force of your life both at work and in your personal life?

I believe my parents are my biggest inspiration, and my father especially introduced me to the art world. So losing my father was the most significant loss for me. Because my parents always encouraged me to achieve my dream, and I am continuously working hard to become them proud one day.”

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