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Matthew McConaughey, According To Yvette Nicole Brown, “Smells Like Granola.”


Another account for the big name cleanliness talk. Yvette Nicole Brown took a major whiff of Matthew McConaughey when they cooperated on the 2008 film “Jungle Thunder” — and she enjoyed what she smelled.

As a self-depicted “gigantic” devotee of McConaughey, the “Local area” alum, 49, conceded in another meeting that she realized she needed to sniff the Oscar-winning entertainer, 51, after he told People in 2005 that he hadn’t “worn antiperspirant in 20 years

.” “My originally thought was, ‘I will get as close as possible to him to check whether he’s right [about being normally odorless],'” Brown reviewed on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” Wednesday. Causing her a deep sense of joy, the “Shocked and Confused” star didn’t smell at all.”He smells like granola and wonderful living. He has a sweet, sweet aroma,” the entertainer said. “That is simply him, and it’s not stale smelling or insane.”

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Brown was substantially more sympathetic of McConaughey’s au naturel ways than his “Idiot’s Gold” co-star Kate Hudson, who attempted to convince him to essentially utilize a salt stone on his armpits. “[Kate] says, ‘Would you if it’s not too much trouble, put this on?’ I just never wore it. No cologne, no antiperspirant,” the “Dallas Buyers Club” entertainer told Playboy in 2008.

“The ladies in my day to day existence, including my mom, have all said, ‘Hello, your normal smell smells, one, similar to a man, and, two, smells like you.”Brown, as far as it matters for her, is everything except sure that McConaughey washes himself — not at all like different famous people and their youngsters who’ve made noses twist over the previous month.

“I accept he washes since he smelled heavenly,” she said Wednesday.

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“He simply didn’t have antiperspirant on.” Earthy colored then, at that point repeated Cardi B’s musings on the matter, saying,

“Those that don’t wash, I don’t comprehend. I had the chance to get under some water and rub some cleanser on me.”


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