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Megan Fox Has Blonde Hair Now — And It’s A Significant Change


Megan Fox has gone blonde, following in the footsteps of her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.The actress posted a selfie of herself during the transformation to Instagram, captioning it, “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like.”

Megan looks completely different in the photo; her signature dark brunette hair has been replaced by silvery-white platinum with a smudge root, falling past her shoulders in long waves. While her hair has rendered her almost unrecognisable, her makeup has retained the classic Megan look: bold brows, lined eyes, and full, rosy lips.Megan tagged her upcoming film, Johnny and Clyde, in the photo, leading us to believe that this hair colour isn’t permanent and is instead a highly realistic wig.

Blonde Hair Is the Most Popular Hair Color of Summer 2020 - Celebrities Dye Their  Hair Blonde Post-Quarantine | InStyle

Miles Jeffries, Megan’s hairstylist, also tagged Merria Dearman, a “artisan wigmaker,” in his post of Megan’s selfie, which basically confirms our suspicion that Megan hasn’t gone blonde and is simply trying on the look for her role. (Megan’s makeup was done by Clarissa Luna, a makeup artist.) Johnny and Clyde is about “two eponymous serial killers who are madly in love and on an endless crime spree,” according to Deadline. Megan plays Alana, a crime boss who runs a “prosperous casino” — and Alana appears to be a blonde! Commenters on Megan’s post ranged from those who adored the look to those who hoped it was a wig.

“A sad day for brunettes everywhere,” one commenter wrote. “Wait, I thought this was Kim Kardashian,” another person commented. Megan’s platinum hair isn’t likely to last long, but she looks just as stunning in blonde as she does in brunette.


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