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Miles Teller, A Former Citrus County Resident, Appears In Taylor Swift’s New Music Video.


On the off chance that youre perusing this on a cell phone and experiencing difficulty seeing the implanted media, have a go at perusing it here. Taylor Swifts new music video opens up with an injection of a recognizable Florida man: Miles Teller. In I Bet You Think About Me (Taylors Version), the previous Citrus County inhabitant plays a lucky man tormented by his previous darling (Swift), at a true to life wedding to another person. The music video, which was delivered Monday, was composed by Blake Lively and Swift. Tellers genuine spouse, Keleigh, stars close by him as a bride.

Former Citrus County man Miles Teller stars in Taylor Swift's new music  video

The credits incorporate a line saying thanks to a COVID-19 security group. Notwithstanding, a few fans designated Teller, a prominent immunization pundit and companion of as of late sick Aaron Rodgers, for possibly putting T. Quick in danger.Teller featured in films like Whiplash and Top Gun: Maverick. Before he rose to distinction as an entertainer, he moved to Florida as a 6th grader and went to Lecanto High School in Citrus County. Hes additionally the co-proprietor of a canned cocktail organization Long Drink.


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