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Octavio Ocaa’s video Of “Benito” From Neighbors Is Still Available.

Dismay and outrage are the words that describe Mexicans today, who awoke to the tragic news that Octavio Ocana, who some will remember him forever as the child Benedict from Neighbors, had died. Now, a new piece of evidence about what happened is causing outrage: a video in which he appears to be still alive inside his truck.The short video, which is circulating on social media, shows the authorities mobilising in and around the young actor’s Jeep truck. When Internet users realise that Octavio Ocaa is still alive inside the vehicle, in the driver’s seat, the recording garners attention.

Tras bambalinas/Jorge Octavio Ochoa

The images allow us to see who gave life to Benito Rivers while he was sitting, in poor condition and still moving, taking his hand from his leg to his face and vice versa, the object that was pointed out was not observed at that moment in that hand, precisely the one that was moving the famous.It infuriates me to see how many agents move inside and around the vehicle without paying attention to the 22-year-old who was in his final moments of life; there is no first aid attempt or any measure to avoid the regrettable and already known ending.

The official report indicates that Octavio Ocana was involved in the incident. He was travelling in his truck with two companions, he being the driver, and the authorities had told him to stop on several occasions, but he continued to accelerate instead of stopping his unit. In the face of persecution, it is said that the famous man would have removed the object that has caused so much controversy from the glove compartment of his truck and been found with it in hand.

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The images that circulated on social media indicated that the young actor from Vecinos was carrying the object in his right hand and was thus found in the vehicle; however, it was not stated that he was still alive; additionally, the actor’s followers assure that he was left-handed and not right-handed, so the object should have been in his other hand.Various theories have circulated on social media; however, what is certain is that the public appears to be dissatisfied with how things have been handled officially thus far.According to Arguende TV, the family posted a message in which they expressed their deep regret that Octavio Ocaa was learning to live and that the unfortunate thing was that those who had to protect him cut off his wings.


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