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R. Kelly, An R&B Singer, Is On Trial For Alleged Sexual Abuse.

R & B superstar R. Kelly was on trial in Brooklyn on Wednesday and was accused of being the leader of a two-year program in which he recruited underage women and girls for sex and asked them to show “absolute commitment.” And they call him “Dad”. It is expected that 

prosecutors and defense lawyers will give opening statements to a jury composed of 7 men and 5 women, who will determine the fate of 54-year-old Kelly. 

Three-time Grammy Award winner Kelly, whose songs include “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Bump N Grind”, pleaded not guilty and firmly denied wrongdoing.

R. Kelly is a 'predator,' prosecutor says as R&B singer's sex abuse trial  starts

The trial was postponed several times due to the pandemic and lasted about a month. It is expected to include appalling details about Kelly’s alleged abuse, including testimony from some female accusers and at least one male accuser. 

The prosecutor would argue that Kelly used managers, bodyguards, and other entourages to recruit women and girls, sometimes at concerts, let them engage in sexual acts and abuse and recorded some of their activities. 

Kelly was accused of requiring the victim to observe strict rules, such as eating or using the bathroom only with his permission, wearing loose clothing in front of him, and not looking at other men. The 

The trial was the culmination of years of suspicion and accusation against Kelly, many of which were discussed in the 2019 lifelong documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”. 

Kelly’s legal team described its client’s accuser as a “disgruntled star chaser” in court documents. They longed to be with him but later changed their story.

The trial was also conducted nearly four years after the # MeToo era began when more and more women began to openly talk about the abuse of celebrities and powerful men. 

If convicted, Kelly could face decades of imprisonment. Even though he was acquitted, he still faces sex-related charges in Illinois and Minnesota, where he also pleaded not guilty. 

The defendant, ‘s full nameRobert Sylvester Kelly’s full name, has been imprisoned for more than two years. He flew from Chicago to Brooklyn in June to stand trial. Nine indictments

describe Kelly’s alleged abuse of five Jane Doe victims, three of whom were minors at the time. 

A plaintiff claimed that Kelly had unprotected sex with her, but did not disclose that she had herpes. Kelly tried to dismiss the allegations related to herpes exposure. The 

The prosecutor will also try to prove that Kelly bribed an Illinois official in 1994 to obtain false identification from singer Arya, then 15 years old, so that they could get married. 

According to the prosecutor, Kelly believed she had a pregnant Aaliyah and hoped that the marriage would prevent her from appearing in court to testify. 

R. Kelly due back in court for opening of sex abuse trial

The prosecutor stated that the marriage certificate showed that Aaliyah was 18 years old. Aaliyah, identified in the indictment as Jane Doe # 1, was killed in a plane crash in 2001. The 

The indictment includes the most common extortion charges in racketeering cases, as well as bribery and extortion. 

Eight charges violated the Mann Act, a federal law that now criminalizes transporting people to prostitution across states. 

Rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry) is another prominent person convicted under this law. The actor and film producer, Charlie Chaplin, was acquitted. 

Kelly was acquitted of child pornography in a trial in Illinois in 2008. 

 Kelly’s last studio album was released in 2016. After the Lifetime documentary and the latest allegations, his career stalled and Kelly’s attorneys said this month that their “funds have been exhausted.”

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