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R. Kelly’s Accuser Claims She Witnessed Him Sexually Assaulting Aaliyah As Well.


A lady who says she was physically attacked by R. Kelly when she was a youngster told attendants in Brooklyn government court on Monday that she additionally by and by saw the vocalist physically attack underage R&B star Aaliyah toward the rear of his visit transport in 1992 or 1993. At that point, Aaliyah, who passed on in a plane accident in 2001, would have been 13 or 14 years old.”[I] marginally opened the entryway and saw Robert and Aaliyah in a sexual circumstance,” the lady, who recognized herself on the remain as “Angela” and said she filled in as a reinforcement vocalist, told hearers during Kelly’s sex-violations preliminary.

“It seemed he was giving her oral sex,” she added about the episode, taking note of that Aaliyah was sitting “with her legs open” and Kelly was “on his knees, in the middle of her legs.”The claimed occurrence came something like one year before Kelly’s mysterious union with Aaliyah, who was only 15 at the hour of the service.

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During Kelly’s preliminary, witnesses and investigators have said that to wed her, Kelly paid off an Illinois state official for counterfeit distinguishing proof for the youngster. The stunning charges recommend Kelly’s predation of underaged young ladies went significantly more youthful than recently detailed.

Combined with the sensation that Angela was purportedly attacked herself in 1991, when she was 14 or 15, the declaration offered the absolute most definite proof at this point of Kelly going after Aaliyah when she was a child.Prosecutors have accused Kelly of supposedly manhandling something like six ladies and young ladies, four of whom were minors at that point. While Kelly isn’t accused of violations against Angela, her declaration could be vital in the arraignment’s contention that the vocalist had an example of ruthless conduct that was upheld by his representatives.

“We were educated from Day 1 to ensure Robert,” Angela told hearers. Kelly, 54, deals with indictments including racketeering dependent on abducting, sexual double-dealing of kids, and constrained work; he is likewise accused of infringement of the Mann Act, which disallows the vehicle of individuals across state lines for sex. The artist has argued not blameworthy to all charges against him and over and over denied any wrongdoing.Angela affirmed on Monday that she met Kelly in 1991, when she was welcome to the artist’s Chicago condo for a party throughout her late spring break before her sophomore year of secondary school.

During that social gathering, Angela said, Kelly had a progression of “young women” go into his room individually to have some sort of sexual contact with him. At the point when Angela was coordinated to go into Kelly’s room, the vocalist advised her to “get on top of him” while other “young women in the room” were stripping down, she said.

“He advised us to take care of our obligations—it was a necessity to be near,” Angela said, adding that he would likewise say “get me a few young ladies or present to me some new ability.” In Jan. 1992, Angela said, Kelly presented her and one more back-up artist to Aaliyah—calling her “the most blazing wave emerging from Detroit.” Breaking down on the stand, Angela reviewed how Kelly disclosed to Aaliyah that the two young ladies would be cooperating.

We were “going to give her a road energy and we would have been there to be her companions also,” Angela said, adding that at that first gathering, Kelly conceded that it was Aaliyah’s birthday and she had recently turned 13. “She was his protégé,” Angela said, adding that she saw Aayliah work with Kelly on her first collection, the famously named, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.

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“Just after she woke up, Sonja said, she saw Kelly toward the side of the room “doing up his jeans”— and saw her clothing laying on an easy chair. “I was physically attacked. There was something in me that wasn’t welcomed,” she said. Another informer advised legal hearers that Kelly constrained her to engage in sexual relations in a Miami changing area after one of his shows in September 1994—when she was only 17 years of age. The supposed attack happened only two days after Kelly’s mysterious union with Aaliyah. In Feb. 1996, Aaliyah’s union with Kelly was invalidated by her folks. Kelly likewise purportedly went after something like two John Does when they were minors, including “Louis,” who told attendants he met the vocalist at a Chicago McDonald’s drive-through in 2006. He said that during his more than 10-year relationship with Kelly, which started when he was 17, the vocalist physically attacked him on numerous occasions in the wake of promising to assist with his music profession.


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