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Resident Evil Village Found too much scary on the “Tension curve”

Resident Evil Village is always an incredibly frightening game and builds on the return to the classic, sluggish horror of Resident Evil 7, also an early game signature. However, Capcom took a very different approach to this period, as it did not want to terrorize the player as it did often in Resident Evil 7. What good, after all, is it that people leave before they see them?

Resident Evil Village Eased Up On "Tension Curve" After Players Found RE7 Too  Scary - GameSpot

Talking to Axios, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said Capcom got feedback from Resident Evil 7 and some players thought that it was simply too frightening. Scary is clearly the objective of horror, but that does not mean players don’t want to continue playing for fear of sudden bowel movement.

“That’s exactly what we are trying to do in one respect, so it’s a massive compliment to us,” he said. “But it’s still our aim to build something that everybody will feel relaxed jumping in and doing so [in RE Village] in relation to Evil 7: Biohazard, so players are not constantly afraid.”

This constant fear was particularly apparent during the early parts of Resident Evil 7, where Ethan Winters was found frequently pursued by frightening family members through a large building. These moments were not always written and required intense attention as players tried to open doors and advance the plot.

Resident Evil Village won't always be as scary as RE7 thanks to player  feedback - VG247

You can expect more “moments of comfort” in Resident Evil Village, similar to the ones you get when you meet a safe room and its typewriter, according to Kanda. These remain totally secure, but a misinterpreted interview with Resident Evil 3 last year had players who were panicked that Nemesis was able to get you into it too.

Evil Village is now out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia. 

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