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Riley Keough On Brother Benjamin’s Suicide: ‘I Was Completely Debilitated.’


In a genuine new meeting with the New York Times, Riley Keough opens up about her sibling Benjamin, who passed on by self destruction in July 2020 at only 27.

Riley Keough Says She’s ‘Attempting To Be Grateful For Everything’ A Year After Her Brother Benjamin’s Tragic Death Keough portrays “a time of feeling like I was tossed into the sea and couldn’t swim.”

“The initial four or five months, I was unable to get up. I was completely incapacitated. I was unable to talk for about fourteen days.” The “Zola” star, who is the little girl of Lisa Marie Presley and grandkid of Elvis Presley, says she actually thinks that its difficult to acknowledge the disastrous misfortune.

Is Riley Keough related to Elvis Presley? And what was her emotional  tribute to Benjamin Keough?

“It’s extremely convoluted for our brains to put that some place since it’s so incredible,” she says. “In case I’m going through a separation, I realize how to manage that and where to record it to me, yet self destruction of your sibling? Where do you put that? How does that coordinate? It just doesn’t.

“Thankfully, Keough had her better half — stunt entertainer Ben Smith-Petersen — for help. She likewise set a few guidelines for herself. “I needed to ensure that I was feeling everything and I wasn’t running from anything,” she says, adding that she as of late turned into a passing doula, helping guide others through losses.”That’s actually what’s helped me, having the option to set myself in a place of administration,” Keough clarifies.

“In the event that I can help others, possibly I can discover some approach to help myself.”


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