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Rv Talks Media’s Mission Is To Provide Information Through The World’s First Hinglish Portal

Rv Talks Media

Rv Talks Media is the first hinglish magazine and portal in the world. This website aims to provide Hinglish users with well-researched information. They are primarily associated with the entertainment and lifestyle industries. However, after looking at their Instagram and Facebook accounts, I discovered that they also cover news that is only available through their social media accounts.

What is Hinglish, and how does it differ from other languages?

Hinglish Rv Talks Media

Hinglish, a portmanteau of Hindi and English, is the macaronic hybrid use of English and South Asian languages from across the Indian subcontinent, involving code-switching between these languages, whereby they are freely interchanged within a sentence or between sentences, according to Wikipedia.

In simple terms, it is a mix of Hindi and English, specifically a type of English spoken by Hindi speakers and characterised by the use of Hindi vocabulary and constructions.

People Behind Rv Talks Media, the World’s First Hinglish Magazine Portal

Neha Kumari was the one who came up with the concept. By trade, she’s an architect, but she’s also a writer. She was looking for an article on a specific topic one day and found one in English, but it contained a lot of heavy English words, so she tried searching for the same topic in Hindi. She was also given a few Hindi words that were difficult to pronounce.

Then she decided to create a platform where people who speak Hindi and English, as well as those who read it, could get content in the most straightforward way possible. This magazine was founded by a group of college students in April of 2020. They received a massive response from all over the world in less than a month. People are only given the publisher tag by Google News in extremely rare circumstances when they violate the site’s rules. These guys, on the other hand, only take a month to mark them on bard.

She was just looking for that inspiration when she received a message from a friend about some fake news. One thing she noticed was that the news was written in Hindi. Then she realised how broad the definition of hinglish is. She decided to start a blogging platform and enlisted the help of a few old classmates, but after launching the portal, they all dropped out because they realised they couldn’t do it.

Swati Singh, her friend, is the only one who stands by her side and helps her achieve her goal. After that, she contacts her male friend Ratnakar Upadhayay, a marketing expert. She then invited him to become a member of her team. Later, she enlisted the help of her writing-skilled sister, Reema Kumari, in her endeavour. Because she believes in Neha, Reema Kumari takes advantage of the opportunity. Later on, Erum Khan, a tourism expert, joined their group.

Currently, Reema is an editor for the Lifestyle segment, Swati is an editor for the Entertainment segment, Erum is in charge of the social media team, and Neha is in charge of the entire team and serves as the chief editor.

And we made history with a team of four girls and one boy. Hinglish Magazine and Portal is the first of its kind in the world.

We currently have over 30k Instagram followers and over 50k e-magazine subscribers.

You can find them on their social media accounts.

Instagram @rvtalksmedia | Facebook @rvtalksmedia | LinkedIn @rvtalksmedia | Twitter @rvtalksmedia

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