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See Fox News Host Laura Ingraham And A Guest Perform A ‘Abbott And Costello’-Style Act.

Abbott And Costello

Fox News host Laura Ingraham and a guest went in circles Monday night, reminding many viewers of the “Who’s on First” routine made famous by the 1930s comedy team “Abbot and Costello.” Given the channel through which the exchange occurred, there were mixed feelings about whether the absurd rhetoric was a calculated act.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham's response to a discussion of the Netflix show  'You' has Twitter buzzing - oregonlive.com

The apparent misunderstanding arose when Ingraham’s guest Raymond Arroyo attempted to explain an episode of the Netflix show “You” in which an anti-vaxxer causes other people to become ill. Ingraham appeared to believe Arroyo was referring to her. “I was watching a ‘You’ episode when measles came up,” Arroyo explained.”Wait, when did I mention measles?” said Ingraham, perplexed.Arroyo didn’t seem to understand the host’s question right away.”I’m not sure,” he replied. “It was on ‘You,'” she says.Ingraham’s face contorts as she tries to make sense of what’s going on.”Wait, what was it on me?” she inquired.Ingraham, perplexed, asks if anyone in her studio knows what Arroyo means.”I never had the measles,” she claims, adding that she has never done a show about the disease.

Arroyo continues to try to explain that the show he’s referring to is called “You,” while Ingraham insists she’s never had measles. Finally, she dismisses the situation as “stupid,” inquires if a joke is being played on her, and ends the conversation.


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