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Spoilers For Station 19 Episode 5 And Episode 6: The Aftermath Of A Significant Death


As you get ready for Station 19 season 5 scene 6 one week from now, make certain to have your tissue box close by. There will unquestionably be SOME glad minutes, considering that this is a Thanksgiving scene and a ton of characters will be meeting up. Be that as it may, this isn’t simply going to be about a festival; it might likewise be tied in with grieving. There were prods galore going into tonights scene that a significant person will kick the bucket, and Little Girl Blue must address the outcome of that.

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We dont think its consistently lost on these characters how valuable their lives are; one action out in the field can make a huge difference. They can be appreciative for the lives that they have, yet additionally still intelligent on those they have lost.

This scene will be the final remaining one (fittingly) before the Thanksgiving occasion, so toward the finish of this hour, the authors will get an opportunity to reset things and sort out what they need the rest of the period to resemble. Our expectation is that there isn’t some kind of enormous, stunning cliffhanger toward the finish of the following week. Since we ARE looking at Thanksgiving here, we actually incline toward things to be a touch more engaged and streamlined.


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