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Steve from Blue’s Clues Talks About Growing Up and Why He Left Show: ‘I Never Forgot About You’


It’s been almost twenty years since Steve Burns left Blue’s Clues, however he’s always remembered the companions he made en route. In a video message Tuesday to praise the show’s 25th commemoration, Burns returned — clad in his famous green-striped shirt — to share a sincere clarification about his “unexpected” takeoff back in 2002 and consider the effect the show has had on his life.

“You recall how, when we were more youthful, we used to go around and spend time with Blue and discover signs and converse with Mr. Salt and freak out with regards to the mail and do all the great stuff? And afterward one day, I resembled, ‘Gracious hello, prepare to be blown away. Huge news. I’m leaving!’ ” he started the video message, adding: “Can we simply discuss that?”

“I understand that was somewhat unexpected. I just somewhat got up and set off for college,” he proceeded. “That was truly difficult, coincidentally, however extraordinary on the grounds that I had the opportunity to utilize my brain and make a stride away…and now I in a real sense am doing a considerable lot of the things that I needed to do.

And afterward take a gander at you! Furthermore, take a gander at all you have done and all you have achieved in all that time! It’s simply so stunning, right?”He added, “I mean, we began with pieces of information and presently, it’s what? Understudy loans, and occupations, and families. What’s more, some of it has been somewhat hard, you know? I realize you know. I needed to reveal to you that I truly couldn’t have done the entirety of that without your assistance.

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Truth be told, all the assistance that you assisted me with when we were more youthful is as yet helping me today. At the present time. Furthermore, that is really cool.” All in all, Burns said he “simply needed to say that, after so long, I always remembered you…ever. Furthermore, I’m really happy we’re as yet friends.”Blue’s Clues got back to TV in 2019 with Broadway star Joshua Dela Cruz as its host.

Actually like Burns did, Dela Cruz has a Thinking Chair, a Handy Dandy Notebook and companions like Tickety Tock, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Mailbox and Magenta. At the point when information on Dela Cruz’ projecting was reported, Burns shared that he was thrilled for the entertainer, and surprisingly contributed to projecting him.

“I had the amazing privilege of being a piece of the quest for the new host, and I offer Josh two go-ahead!” said Burns in a prior assertion. “He can fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt.”


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